1 Month Old Portraits and Lifestyle Photography | Chicago, IL

People often ask me why I only do newborn photos on babies ages 3-10 days old and my answer is always the same, because that is the only time that we can get those really sweet sleeping, squishy, curled up, propped up poses.  However that is not to say that you can not get photos done on your newborn at any age, it is just simple that we have to use different posing that will result in different looks of photos.  A 6 month old can not stand up just as a 1 month old can not fold into a taco pose.  So when Addison’s parents called me for a 1 month old session I explained that we would do them in three parts.  First we would do lifestyle photography which is a term used to describe a natural everyday life type of photography, capturing your family as you are on that day.  Second, we try sleepy poses but adjusted to Addison’s age, so simple posing and mostly on her back.  Third we would take family portraits all together which can be done at any age.  Addison’s mom and dad were fabulous and our session was great!  We were able to get lots of great pictures and I am super pleased with the result and I know they will be too!

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