My name is Jaclyn Thompson, and I am Jacky T Photography. Being a mother I know how hard it is to find good, affordable, flexible photographers for babies, children, teens, families, maternity, and newborn.  Our families grow up before our eyes so it’s best to capture all these wonderful moments with custom photography.

Why I created Jacky T Photography

I am a teacher and this is my side business, therefore my prices are affordable and the quality is much better than any picture you might get from the Sears or JCPenney Studios. This is a way for me to have some fun and make a little extra cash. Since this is a side business I do not have a studio and will have all sessions outside, except newborn pictures. For newborns I will come to your home.

What if my children don’t like to get their picture taken?

This is what is great about working with a teacher, I have dealt with all different types of children and I will find a way to make it fun for your kids. They always get candy at the end of a session, they get to help make up the poses, we make funny faces, say gross things, take breaks and work around your child’s mood. We will use props and find “cool” poses for everyone. Since I take about 300-500 pictures in a session you are sure to find ones that you like.

What if my child doesn’t cooperate?

Being a mom to two very busy boys, I have been to may photography sessions that turned into full blown tantrums and ended with me leaving without a single picture, wasting my money. I know that we often have no control over our children, especially toddlers, moods. So if you come to the session and your little one won’t participate, I will gladly reschedule to another time and place that might make the session easier.

What if the weather is bad?

If the forecast is predicting rain, I will reschedule you at no cost.