Mr. Reese is 1! | Chicago Children’s Photographer

Brave little Reese had a serious surgery on his head which left him with a scar from ear to ear.  He is doing so well now that his parent’s wanted to celebrate this miracle child turning 1.  We also squeezed in some sibling pictures with his brothers too.  When planning for the shoot, mom and I discussed the pictures she was looking for and I was exstatic when she said she wanted ones of his scar.  Reeses’ mom brought a prayer chain that was given to him in the hospital which he is wearing in the pictures.  His shirt says, ” SCARS are tattoos with better stories.” Ha! love it!!  I fully believe these types of scars are heroic war wounds that need to be treated as trophies.  I told mom that I loved it because it is his journey, and I LOVE documenting a child’s journey, weather it be a fascination with shoes, love of trains, or obsession with toiletries (my son…. don’t ask) but its this part of their little lives that I was to capture, document, and preserve.