Embrace the Chaos | Jacky T Photography | Family Photography

During the shoot I asked mom how she handled four kids when I have trouble with two, and she said to me, “You just sort of embrace the chaos.”  I love it!  It’s so Carpe Diem, and it’s the meaning behind photography.  Freeze the moment, capture the memories, remember their little faces forever.  I had so much fun on this shoot because it reminded me of my extended family and our gatherings.  I have over 20 first cousins on one side, so I know Chaos. The shoot was held at LeRoy Oakes in St. Charles, and this was my first time shooting here.  However dad had been there many times and showed us a cool path down to a river  where we looked for little bear, found cool mushrooms, and tried to keep the littles out over the river.  I enjoyed this family because while at times things might have gotten chaotic, as a shoot with four kids always gets, there was no yelling, or mis behavior of the kids, it was just fun.  The kids had fun the adults did too.  And I think that’s how this family works, they just embrace the chaos and its working.  The children are cute, fun, well mannered, and you can tell most importantly, loved.  Melts my heart!

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