Gavin is 6 Months | Jacky T Photography

I loved little Gavin when I did his newborn photos last August. He was a fabulous model and not much has changed.  What a sweet happy boy!  These are the photos that mom picked from the proofs.  When you do a mini session for a milestone, you get to pick your pictures. The reason is that there is usually not a lot of editing that is needed and when it is only one subject we get hundreds of different looks.  I want you to pick his happy smile and not my opinion of a photographer’s beautiful model smile, because that may look like  a whining face to you.  When I do siblings, families, newborns, or maternity, I choose the best photos because there is SO much editing that is involved with headswaping, cloning, and retouching that I feel most people would be tainted by the unedited photos. However, Almost all photos that families have picked in the mini sessions have been ones I have picked as my favorites as well, so rest assured you are in good hands.

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