Little Miss S and Her Family | August 24, 2013 | Jacky T Photography

On today’s Blog is a family and baby shoot with a fabulous family; Mom, Dad and Little Miss S were so much fun to photograph.  Mom did a great job coordinating their family outfits, they looked so cute! Little Miss S was also little Miss cranky but boy was she cute, those rolls, that chub, uh, I could die. She is just TOO cute. Mom was getting nervous that we wouldn’t get any pictures of her smiling and was working hard to get her to smile. But it is a great reminder to all parents of little ones. They often do not “perform” as we want them to during those 3-12 month shoots. They are not used to being awake so long, and get nervous around new places and people. The serious faces and looking the other way poses sometimes are just as cute if not cuter than the big smile. The point is to capture their personalities, and I think we totally did that with Little Miss S. We even got a few smiles:) Enjoy!

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