Spunky Sophia | Naperville Riverwalk | Jacky T Photography

Some ages are easier to photograph children than others. The eighteen month to three years old range is typically the hardest time to get a child to sit for a picture and look at the camera.  Forget about even getting a smile…right?  Not with custom photography by Jacky T Photography.  I always get a smile.  The key is to make it fun.  We run, play, and do lots of silly things to make the whole experience seem like a playdate.  For this session Sophia loved playing with all the beaded necklaces I brought.  We threw mulch at each other, blew bubbles, sang songs, and her favorite was when I sneezed and flung my hair in the air.  I really love kids, and really love playing with them while we take pictures.  I feel privileged being able to capture their joy and preciousness for their parents to cherish forever. Little Sophia was no exception, she was gorgeous with big, I mean huge, brown eyes, and the sweetest little voice.  The pictures are just darling.  Also did I mention the fall trees were beautiful in this session, I mean seriously, sometimes they almost look fake, but they were just unbelievably beautiful on that sunny fall day.  Happy Autumn!!!

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