Too Cute Family of 3 | Chicago Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing little Miss Avery when she was a week old, and I just love when they come back to see me again! This time she let her mommy and daddy join in on the fun but it was still the Avery show and we were all just contestants.  This sweetheart steals the attention of everyone around her.  People passing y had to stop and comment how cute she was and I couldn’t agree more.  She is seriously a model for several reasons: First, she had a tiny cat nap in her stroller that day instead of her normal nap time, so we were setting our selves up for disaster.  However she powered through it with very, very minimal complaining.  Second, and the most amazing thing I have ever seen from a 7 month old, is that when we wanted her to look up and smile all her mom had to do was pull her head up and say her name and she would look right at me and flash a huge gummy grin then go right back to what she was doing without  missing a beat.  This happened over and over again.  Calling all agents out there Avery is your girl!!! Just check out how cute she is.

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