Two Year Old Twins | Jacky T Photography

It’s hard to believe that these two little peanuts were born at 24 weeks.  They are now 2 years old and super smart, talkative, and full of energy, they are truly miracles.  I had a lot of fun with this session, mom told me that they love playing in tents, so we had to create one for the session.  Little Jake was a super star. He smiled perfectly and is ready to hit the runway.  I think I will have to call him up to model again for me.  Emery was a little tougher with the smiles. But she loves to read and would recite her favorite book with mom, which got us some great smiles.  When I do toddler sessions the focus is on play.  I want to capture them as they are, playing their favorite things, and having fun.  Each sitting picture is a split second of sitting, often after jumping in the air or being tickled.  I never force a child to do anything, we do bribe, but it’s always fun!

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